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It's not CBS, or NBC, ABC, or CNN thats given us the freedom of the press. 
Its not TV preachers, Larry Flint, Ted Kennedy, or Jesse Jackson thats given us
The freedom to verbally express. 
Its not campus organizers, or all the demonstrations thats givin us the freedom to March, freely march and disagree. 
Freedom isn't free. Oh can't you see?

It has always been the soldier who has made the sacrifice. 
Standing strong and proud  in battle, willing to lay down his life. 

Somewhere there's a soldier and he's looking at a picture of his little girl how he wishes he were home.
And somewhere there's a soldier and he is reading a letter from his wife and she is telling him how she feels so alone. 
And somwhere there's a mom and dad who cry late in the night. For a son who won't be coming home. A son who gave his life.
Freedom isn't free. Oh can't you see?

it has always been the soldier who has made the sacrifice.
Standing strong and proud in battle, willing to lay down his life.

To the angry man who shakes his fists and burns the Stars and Stripes.
The same flag that has drappes the coffins of those who gave there lives.
There is no place that you have been or you will ever be that gives the right to burn the flag again.

It has always been the soldier who has made the sacrifice.
Standing strong and proud in battle willing to lay down his life.

It has always been the soldier on the land and air and sea.
It has always been the soldier fighting for or liberty.

It has always been the soldier who has made the sacrifice.
Standing strong and proud in battle willing to lay down his life.
Willing to lay down his life.
It has always, it has always been the soldier!

It has Always been the Soldier
It has always been the soldier. The original composer is unknown, due the fact I could find a name.
For my non-American friends, this song is talking about our US soldiers, and the daily sacrifices they must make in order to keep our countries safe. I heard this song years ago as a child, and loved it. Of course, over time I began to only realize the surface of its meaning. Freedom is never free. Someone(s) will always pay the price to keep another safe. 
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There once was a legend about the spirit of the woods. Some say he took many forms, in which one was a wolf. It was said that he would watch as travelers passed through his woods, every day.Everytime there was trouble, he'd be there, protecting the innocent, and punishing the guilty. One day, he noticed a young girl, wearing a red hooded cloak, pass through his woods. Out of curiousity, he watched as the girl went her way. Every day it seemed the same girl passed through his woods, and everyday she was safe. Until the day when a pack of wolves came into his woods and began attacking the innocent travelers, including the young girl. He protected each traveler, but when they attacked the girl, it felt different. He felt as though he was somehow overprotect of the girl. When he fended them off, he made sure the girl was safe. So everyday he would walk with her, just to be close to her, but more importantly, to protect her. For years this happened, and for years it seemed everything was fine. Until the day when the wolves returned and raided through his woods and the nearby villages.  For this, the spirit defended them once again, but this time, it was different. When he heard of the 'Red Riding-hood's' condition, his heart sank. They accused the girl of sorcery, seeing how she always came out of the woods unharmed, and some of the villagers went as far as rumoring that she had slept with the 'spirit of the woods', seeing that she was of age, and could have possibly done so herself. For these 'false' accusation, she and her family were sentenced to death: hers being burned at the stake. The spirit, through rage, tried to save her and her family's life, but all was in vain, seeing that the villagers tricked him into coming, in order to trap him, and watch 'his lover' burn. The cruelty of the villagers was so harsh that the spirit himself could not help but to feel even more enraged by them. He broke his bondage, and tried to once again save the girls life. By then, she was dead, seeing that the fire had consumed her, and her family, and he himself murdered most of villagers out of anger and revenge. When he came to his senses, he had realized what he had done, and mourned. 
Some say that the legend goes on to say that he fled the woods, and roamed the earth, looking for another girl wearing a red hood. Others say that the villagers became cursed, and roamed the earth as animals, such as the werewolves. Others go on to say that a sibling of the red-hooded girl survived the brutality, and became the ancestor of the Red Riding-hoods. And some even say that the red cloak itself is a curse, and can only be worn by a worthy, young woman. Whether they are true, or just a myth, some still wait for the day when they can prove it. 
Another part of the story goes on to say that the 'spirit of the woods' heard of the Diamond Goddess, who was said to grant anyone their greatest desires. Upon meeting her, he asked her to take away his painful memories, or even just to end it all for him. The goddess replied, "I may take away thy sorrows, Lycan, but can you live with yourself, knowing that those memories will help you find her once again? She is the reason why you continue to live, and the reason why you must never give up on your dreams. Your dreams are beautiful, Lycan; they show hope for a better future better mortals and immortals." With that, the goddess left, and the spirit decided to find her once again: the girl in the red hood: Red Riding-hood. 
It's just a preview for an idea, well, for a backstory for a werewolf for the third part of my Red Riding-hood series. 
It's been a while, I know. I'm sorry, but life has been keeping me busy. From working 30+ hours a week, to getting some spring cleaning done, to getting OC cosplay outfits done, and finding time to actually to be able to sleep, I just been busy. Because of this, I am sometimes not on Facebook or Deviant art, so when I come back to those sites, I tend to get that random rude person, who'd asked, "Where the Hell have you been?!" Well, excuse me, Princess! I do have a life, you know, that doesn't involve the social media all the time. And other thing, if you care so much, why don't you call me? I'm just saying. Rage 
So, another thing I'd like to say is that I may not finish a couple of projects I've started. The reasons being is because, when I first joined DA, it was because I wanted to meet new people, get socially connected to people whom I'd thought was kind of like me, in some ways. Second reason being that some of the stories/crossovers were just something I wrote because 1), I wanted to, and 2), out of boredom. As I recall, I just turned 19 at this time, just got my GED, and needed to do something, besides babysitting, as I waiting for a job opportunity. Facebook and its games were starting to lose my interest, as more and more people were needed for the advancement of their stages/levels. When I heard about DA, I decided to check it out, and, as it turns out, I actually like the site, and joined the family of artists. About few months later, I did get a job, but when they no longer needed me, I had this site to keep me company. Eventually, I got a real job, even its few hours gave me time to write a chapter here and there. Family issues lead me to move out for a while, and I also had to see a shrink, but I think it was Deviant Art that kept me sane the most. Ha, this is coming from someone who has Anxiety-induced ADHD, or so they say. But even that wasn't enough, as the time came for me to be part of the full-timers at my job, DA was kind of, um, just there. deviantART 
In the last few months alone, life threw me deeper down the road of maturity and adulthood, as I face life's challenges. My job's great, my family's great, my life's great, I'm great, so everything's great. "But don't you get annoyed with people, have problems, but still find the time to say that life is great? What's wrong with you!" No, what's wrong with you? Have you ever thought that I just let things go, and enjoy life as it is? We're human, we're gonna make mistakes, yes, but it doesn't mean we can't enjoy life. For some of us, life is very short, and I intend to enjoy every second of it, no matter what. Like Queen Elsa said, "The past is in the past: Let it go!" :dealwithit:
 Let It Go Elsa 
As I was saying before, stories like the Sonic and Van Helsing crossover, may never see its completion, whereas the Little Red Riding hood trilogy may. Special K (TAOSK) is up in the air, as well as being able to write anything for my Corizon series. How I see it: Which series did I enjoy doing the most? Which one actually made want to write more, or non-stop? Or, maybe, which one is close to being completed? Or, do I wish to alternate? Nah, whatever the fuck I want to do. :happybounce: 
So, in short, I'm doing fine. Is anyone else? Until next time, good night, err, good morning to y'all! Bye! ^_^  :happybounce:  :jumpingbye: 
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