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Baterina walked around the Dracul's castle, and it didn't take her long to find him in his throne room, talking, or should I say fighting, with her sister. 'Damnit, Diamond!' But she still stood there, watching them converse,....
"H-h-how did you wake up so soon, Casmie?" Dracula asked out of curiousity.
"Me? Wake up so soon? Geez, Dracula, you're dumber than you appear." The crusnik told him, as she nonchalantly walked towards him. "I awoke on my own.You see, I heard that you disobeyed my orders, in by making more of your kind."
"So has the Lycanthrop!"
"I'm not talking about the Lycanthrop right now, Vladimir, am I?" she snapped. "I'm talking about you, and about your mistakes!" She pulled out her sword, ready for combat. "You made too many pathetic vampires for the last time, Count Dracula!" With that, she shape-shifted into her crusnik form, and charged out him.
Baterina gasped quietly from her hiding spot as she watched the event unfold. 'I have no other choice then to believe in that Mistress Sorceress about Casmie. It's like she's obsessed with killing Dracula now. I probably should end this now.'
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Meanwhile, the others are still duking it out,...++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Bridget and Lucy-Anne stared down at their Lycan king, who seemed to be paralyzed at the moment. The Mistress Sorceress nonchalantly sat on the diamond coffin, as she spoke up. "Let me tell ye a little story about your Queen Casmie Lycanthrop, the Diamond Rose Crusnik. Let's see, where to begin,... Oh, I know, let us start at the beginning of it all.
"You see, the wolves were once the loyal servants of the crusniks, well at least for Corizon. These children seemed have always be at rivals with the dragon lords, who were above them, meaning they were eligible for the throne, if anything were to happen to the crusniks. This is the true beginning of the rivalries. However, another war broke out, and destroyed the throne, or so they say. However, while most were considered dead, or just plain cowards who ran at the first chance given, the so-called crusniks died. All expect one that is.""
"Where are you going with this?"
The woman chuckled. "Now, hold on fro a minute, please. As for Casmie, my dears, is wasn't born a true crusnik; in fact, she begged to become one. So, she was given the power of Diamond Rose crusnik, but I also gave her sister Beretta a chance also. So, in all reality, I can take Casmie's powers away just like that." She snapped her fingers to demonstrate.
"What do you mean- you're not- are you?"
LRR:SP:Chapter10:Casmie is not
Here's another chapter to this here story. Sorry, for the rush. Kind of ion a hurry.
I'm going to be busy here again. My hours at work are bouncing from week to week, due to the holidays coming up. I'm also going through some changes here, with paper work to move to another place. And hearing news about the possiblity of losing a couple of good coworkers. Well, life happens and you can't change it.
Now about DA itself. Here's my current agenda: I want to work on one story at a time, so I want to work on the Little Red story first. Then, I want to work on my Sonic x Van Helsing crossover story. Meanwhile, I may upload a couple of chapters for my Special K series. And then, everything else would follow. But if I change my mind, then I change my mind.
If you don't mind, my resources are limited at times. But for now, enjoy freedom while you have it, because it won't last forever.
Special K: Sayanora!
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