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Corizon: 4 Diamonds by Casmie
Corizon: 4 Diamonds
    Art made on Doll Divine's Princess maker. Characters belong to me. 
    Shine bright like a diamond, shine bright like a- OK, I'll stop now. I was bored when I did this. Any who, it's suppose to be the 4 main character designs for Diamond. The pink-haired version is the one in which she first appears in. Actually, I have it written down somewhere that she was born with pink hair, with random white highlights. Tormentor once described her as 'the Diamond Goddess with Starlight hair'. Maybe he's color blind? 
Next, is the white-haired version of her. This is her humanoid crusnik form, which some like Casmie the Sorceress saw before death. This was also written to be her second, most power form. (The most powerful form being her true crusnik form.)
The blonde version was when she was trying to blend in with society. Like in Casmie's time. It's kind of understandable why she would call Casmie her dopple ganger, or her other self. You probably could tell why a drunken Lycan-prince would mistake the crusnik for his wife. Well, except for one minor detail. *cough, cough* She was known as the White Knight aka Mistress Sorceress at this time.
And then of course, the brunette is considered her modern-day reincarnation: Kyra Bowser.
    Diamond's story: How she came to be?  Attempt #1: In a back story I've written for the Corizon series, I made mention that Diamond was born in Corizon and as a godess of crusniks. When I was working out kinks in the story, one of my sisters asked about having her ever meeting the Alantians. Especially because of her age and abilities, despite the fact that I wanted her younger, just one hell of a time traveler.  When I first created Diamond, her name was simply Diamond Rose, and was a Corizonian sorceress  that fell in love with the infamous Crimson Dragon. When Tormentor attempted to destory everyone and thing, both she and Crimson gave up their lives to save everyone. Diamond used her powers to seal Tormentor, but in return, what life force remained of her, saved the country. She was suppose to die then there for good. No reincarnations intended.
Attempt #2: When we created Kyra, she was written originally to be the long-lost twin sister of Chris Bowser, who was actually born during the early 1500s with that reincarnation of himself (named Silvanius Christopher Bowser at that time). Couple of sorceresses sent her to present-day America, in order to save her from the Bowser Curse. When she was sent to help Chris, she soon realized that faerie tales (fairytales) are real and that she herself was a lot more important. When my younger sister and I talked about having Chris as Crimson, and having Kyra as Diamond, I quickly reminded her about the facts that Crimson and Diamond were lovers, and Chris and Kyra were twin siblings. So it was a story put on hold, in order to yet again, work out the kinks.
Attempt #3, Little Red Riding-hood era. Originally, Casmie the Sorceress (aka Cassandra Maybelle Tepes-Bowser Lycanthrop) was written to be the first reincarnation of Diamond. To me it made sense at that time because I had already written Beretta was the reincarnation of Baterina Black Rose, another crusnik. And to have twin daughters both born as crusniks was yet even more cooler. But as I begin to write more chapters for LRR, I realized that Casmie seemed a little too bitchy for Diamond's taste; so that's when the White Knight/Misstress Sorceress was created. I actually think  that a crusnik running around  Transylvania, wearing a white mask and a white cloak in order to hide her identity, was a little out there, but I guess if you were a Goddess in disguise, you'd do something about it. But why not a spell? Oh, yeah, energy.
    Attempt #4: What's her current story now, that you had time to work it out? Warning: Spoilers! You have been warned!  Her current story is this...
Diamond's origins began in Alantis, where she was created to be the 'ultimate weapon', or we human call a goddess. Given the name Starlight, due to her pink-and-white hair, she was first called a crusnik, since she was made by using the DNA of an angel, an elf, and a faerie (fairy). During a training sequence, they realized that she could turn her entire body into diamond, which made her not only invincable, but also a valuable asset. So, that's where her nickname Diamond came in. She was also a part of the generation of creatures that were created as infants, thus being able to grow up, in a way. At what was considered her 3-yrs-of-age time frame, it was said she mastered her skills more maturily or advancely than the rest of her class. Because of this, she was brought before the current Alantian ruler, who was surprise to she that such a young child could master her powers so quickly. But all too soon, the world heard of their creations, and sought out them, to destory them. Among them was a young demon named Tormentor, who was commanded to kill all the crusniks, in which he did -for the most part. That was when he met her -the Diamond Goddess with the Starlight hair. He couldn't kill this innocent-looking child, but he fled the island with her, hoping that the other demons wouldn't find either one. They wandered around Earth for a while, trying to find a safe haven. That was when they found Corizon, where they lived for some time. One day, without warning, Diamond collasped and never awoke. The demon tried all he could to awaken her, but with little info on how to take care of her, his efforts seemed in vain. So, he put her in a diamond coffin, inside what would later be called the Crystal Cave.
When Diamond awaken, times seemed to have changed. Like centuries later. There was more creatures living on the island, and it seemed like no one knew her. Feeling a little down, since she couldn't find Tormentor or even less confused, Diamond ran into Crimson Dragon, a young dragon lord. After explaining to her about creatures like themselves being endangered, they soon became friends. Diamond soon realized more of her full potentials, as she regained her powers from her long sleep. She soon ran into a dark wizard known as Lucifer Cain Bowser, who seemed to have this obsension with her. As the truth unravals itself, he was revealed to be Tormentor, the very same person she was searching for. Not only that, it was also revealed that Crimson was his son, and that he loved her. The reason why his son existed was because he thought that she died, and eventually moved on. So, when he heard that she awakened, he was both glad that she was alright, but also angered to hear that his son may have won her over. Diamond told him that she loved them both, not as lovers, but  more like brothers. Of course, this angered the demon to have his feelings not returned to him, but letting it get the better of him, he tried to destory her and the island at the same time. Crimson tried to confront his father, but the demonic powers already had its hold on him, and killed the boy. Diamond, realizing what she must do in order to save everyone, used her powers to stop him. The result was sealing him with a part of herself. With that, she used more of herself to keep Corizon safe and in balance. With all her powers exhaughsted, she died, knowing that they were safe. For now.
The next part was a little unclear. I don't know when exactly when she was reincarnated, but obviously, she was around the Black Plague. And Little Red Ridning-hood's time. She doesn't really give out her 'mortal name' in this life, but her nicknames were the White Knight and the Mistress Sorceress. She pretty much just said at this time that Casmie and Beretta's mother came to her, asking for a way to save them. She told her that Beretta was the reincarnation of a dear crusnik friend of hers named Baterina Black Rose Crusnik. As for Casmie, she only saw darkness that will slowly comsume her. That's why the woman thought she was a crusnik, but in reality, the lust for power, along with this dreadful Bowser's Curse, drove her to insanity. Yes, Caoline is her daughter; um, yeah, Obian was kind of drunk at that time, so yeah. After Casmie's death, Diamond seemed to have disappeared, popping up here and there, until her yet-to-explain abrupt death.
Her last-known reincarnation is Kyra Bowser. Born around A.D. 2030 in Corizon, this girl was known as a child prodigy. When she was three years old, it was said that she complished more in child development, then most ten years olds do. By the time she turned seven, she passed elementry school completely; which meant by the time she turned 12, she finished not only high school, but also college. They say that she was so smart, that Kyra's intelliance rivaled a few from their countries' history of doctors and scientist: one in which was compared to Newton and Einstein. When she was 12, Kyra began to experience her own powers, in which either ended up with a thrist for blood, or a long unexplained disappearances. This was when she found out that she was the reincarnation of Diamond, and one of her long-forgotten powers was time-traveling. This is how she met a distant cousin of hers named Soric Bowser, who at first appeared to be an ordinary teen boy. But truth be told, he was just another puppet of Tormentor, and yes, in the end, she had to kill him. In his dying breath, he asked her to 'go back and save him'. By this time she was 16, so she went back in time to find the boy's grandfather, Chris Bowser. This was when Tormentor was said to be the strongest, but yet the most valnuable. Using what means possible, Kyra, Chris, and their friends stopped Tormentor. Or maybe for the time being. Again. "Going back in time means you change the future, right?" "Which future? There are many out there." "You're future, Kyra." "Depends on how you look at it. In the end, I decide my own fate."
It's been a while, I know. I'm sorry, but life has been keeping me busy. From working 30+ hours a week, to getting some spring cleaning done, to getting OC cosplay outfits done, and finding time to actually to be able to sleep, I just been busy. Because of this, I am sometimes not on Facebook or Deviant art, so when I come back to those sites, I tend to get that random rude person, who'd asked, "Where the Hell have you been?!" Well, excuse me, Princess! I do have a life, you know, that doesn't involve the social media all the time. And other thing, if you care so much, why don't you call me? I'm just saying. Rage 
So, another thing I'd like to say is that I may not finish a couple of projects I've started. The reasons being is because, when I first joined DA, it was because I wanted to meet new people, get socially connected to people whom I'd thought was kind of like me, in some ways. Second reason being that some of the stories/crossovers were just something I wrote because 1), I wanted to, and 2), out of boredom. As I recall, I just turned 19 at this time, just got my GED, and needed to do something, besides babysitting, as I waiting for a job opportunity. Facebook and its games were starting to lose my interest, as more and more people were needed for the advancement of their stages/levels. When I heard about DA, I decided to check it out, and, as it turns out, I actually like the site, and joined the family of artists. About few months later, I did get a job, but when they no longer needed me, I had this site to keep me company. Eventually, I got a real job, even its few hours gave me time to write a chapter here and there. Family issues lead me to move out for a while, and I also had to see a shrink, but I think it was Deviant Art that kept me sane the most. Ha, this is coming from someone who has Anxiety-induced ADHD, or so they say. But even that wasn't enough, as the time came for me to be part of the full-timers at my job, DA was kind of, um, just there. deviantART 
In the last few months alone, life threw me deeper down the road of maturity and adulthood, as I face life's challenges. My job's great, my family's great, my life's great, I'm great, so everything's great. "But don't you get annoyed with people, have problems, but still find the time to say that life is great? What's wrong with you!" No, what's wrong with you? Have you ever thought that I just let things go, and enjoy life as it is? We're human, we're gonna make mistakes, yes, but it doesn't mean we can't enjoy life. For some of us, life is very short, and I intend to enjoy every second of it, no matter what. Like Queen Elsa said, "The past is in the past: Let it go!" :dealwithit:
 Let It Go Elsa 
As I was saying before, stories like the Sonic and Van Helsing crossover, may never see its completion, whereas the Little Red Riding hood trilogy may. Special K (TAOSK) is up in the air, as well as being able to write anything for my Corizon series. How I see it: Which series did I enjoy doing the most? Which one actually made want to write more, or non-stop? Or, maybe, which one is close to being completed? Or, do I wish to alternate? Nah, whatever the fuck I want to do. :happybounce: 
So, in short, I'm doing fine. Is anyone else? Until next time, good night, err, good morning to y'all! Bye! ^_^  :happybounce:  :jumpingbye: 
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