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What Sonia didn't know was that her prayer was answered. Knuckles and Tails left Rome for Transylvania. Finally, after a month or so, the two made it to Transylvania. As they walked into town, Knuckles noticed the villagers following them.
Tails asked him, "So, Knuckles, what do you remember?"
"I remember saving my tribe from Chaos the monster."
That shocked the two-tailed fox. "But that was over 500 years ago!"
"Keep your face hidden, Tails," he mumbled back.
"Why are they following us, with axes and such?"
"I don't know."
"Welcome to Transylvania," they heard someone from behind tell them. Knuckles sighed, as dropped his bag and turned around to face the speaker. The Undertaker, they assumed, was a coyote, with a slight French accent. 'I don't like this guy,' Knux thought to himself.
"You two," a female voice from behind called out. "Turn around." Knuckles and Tails turned around slowly, not wanting their faces seen. All they could see was a purple hedgehog, decked in weapondry, causing Knux too automatically assume it was Sonia."Let me see your faces."
"Why," asked Knuckles.
"Because we don't trust strangers."
"She means that you won't last long out here," the Undertaker told, as he measured them.
"Antoine," Sonia said to the Undertaker. That must have met something to the villagers, for they inched closer to them. Back to Knux and Tails, she told them, "You can disarm yourselves now."
"Why do that," again asked Knuckles. The way he looked around almost scared the villagers. "The pope sent us here to help you, Sonia -I presume."
"I don't need help," she insisted.
"Oh, really," questioned Knuckles. He quickly grabbed the cross-bow, and aimed above Sonia's head, causing her to duck quickly. The brides of Shadow have arrived. Knuckles shot at them, causing everyone to hide.
"Into the church," cried Sonia. As everyone did so, Sonia, Knuckles, and Tails stayed behind to face them. 'In the middle of the day?' she thought to herself. 'Are they that desperate to kill me?'
One of the brides swooped too close, so Sonia knocked Knuckles to the ground. But the bride took her anyways. Knuckles quickly jumped up, and tried to grab Sonia. The bride, which was the fox, hissed, and dropped at them. When they fell, Sonia landed on top of Knuckles. They both fought to put one on top of the other. "You stay here."
"No, you stay here," Sonia told him. "They want me!"
"Then stay here." But she took off anyways. Knuckles reached from his weapon to face the brides himself.
From above, 2 of the brides, one a cat, and the other a bat, hovered. "Blaze," told the bat to the cat. "Kill the stranger!"
"Love to, Rouge," answered the cat.
Meanwhile, Knux shot at them. "It's not working," he told Tails.
"Try aiming at their hearts," he told him back as he threw him more silver-arrows.
The fox bride chased him, causing him to duck in time as she swooped down and grabbed a farm animal. The bride threw it into a nearby house. Knux continued shooting at the brides, in which 2 of them were chasing Sonia. Sonia ducked at one point, causing Rouge to pick up a villager. Since he was screaming, Rouge bit him, killing him, and dropped him.
Then the sun came out, causing everything to be quiet. "The sun," spoke up Sonia from where she stood, as they all looked around. A nearby noise was heard, causing both Sonia and Knuckles to jump. The walked slowly to the town's well. As if on-three mode, they looked down together, pointing their weapons all the while.
"Uh, Knuckles," spoke up the nervous Tails, as the clouds came back.
Suddenly, a bride flew from the well, picking up Sonia as she did so. Sonia looked up at the fox bride. "Do you like to fly, Sonia?" she crackled. Sonia quickly grabbed a stake from her leg, and jammed it into the fox's leg. She cried in pain, causing her to drop the hedgehog, Rouge caught her. Knuckles shot an arrow at the bat, causing her also to drop Sonia, this time on a roof. Sonia swung from the edge, onto a nearby tree, and landed on the ground.
Meanwhile, Blaze occupied Knuckles. So, Sonia ran into a nearby house, and shut its door. She spun around and face the fox bride. "Hello, Sonia," she hissed, as she turned herself in her normal Mobian form.
"Nice to see you too, Fiona," she told her back.
Outside, Knux inched closer to the house, when suddenly, Blaze flew out, and knocked him over. The cat crackled as she landed in front of him. She, while turning back to her Mobian form, pulled out the stakes shot by him. She took the last one out as she looked at him.
"Have I done something to you in a past live, Fiona?"
"Don't play coy with me, Princess," the fox told her. The hedgehog spun around and faced her again. "I know what lurks in your lusting heart."
"Sure hope you have one," she responded back. "'Cause one day, I'm gonna drive a stake through it!"
Fiona smacked her across the room, and to the outside. Sonia quickly ran, trying to find another place to hide.
Meanwhile, Knuckles stared at Blaze, as he would glance down at his weapon. Tails, without thinking, blurted out as he tossed a bottle of it towards Knuckles, "Holy water!" But Rouge swooped and grabbed it before he could.
"Quit your teasing, Blaze," commanded Rouge as she tossed the bottle into the well. "And finish him!" She flew off, leaving the cat to face Knuckles alone.
"Too bad," she frowned. "So sad!"
"The church," cried Tails. And Knuckles knew what he meant. Looking back at Blaze, he could see her fangs through her smile.
Van Helsing belongs to Universal Studios.
Sonic and team belong to Sega and Sonic Teams.

Knuckles and Tails meet Sonia,.... and Shadow's brides!
I wonder,... who'll die? Find out next time!
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